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About the Academy

Welcome to The Drone Mentor Academy, where we're dedicated to helping you become a successful drone pilot and entrepreneur. Our unique approach goes beyond just teaching you how to fly a drone; we focus on the ADDITIONAL skills you need to achieve SUCCESS in life... Teaching everything from personal development, business skills, and innovative marketing strategies to empower you to excel in the drone industry and be the best version of yourself!

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Matt Williams

Drone Mentor Founder

Our Unique Approach

Having taught more than 52,000 drone pilots around the world, since we started out in 2010, we know that to be truly successful in the drone business, you need more than just piloting and technical skills!

That's WHY we created The Drone Mentor Academy... To help you Learn, Build and Grow! With the rapid advancements in drone technology over the last few years, becoming successful in the drone industry and making money from your drone isn't just about being a 'ninja' on the sticks anymore - it's about YOU, your business knowledge and how you market yourself...


Because of these fundamental changes in the drone industry, The Drone Mentor Academy is the first and only training specifically designed to help you:


Personal Development

Unlock your potential and become the best version of yourself through personal growth and self-improvement techniques; taught to you by the World's leading ELITE Performance Coach!


Business Development

Understand the processes required to start, build, and grow a successful drone business and MAKE MONEY! From setting up your company, to managing clients and everything in between!


Master Your Marketing

Getting your messaging out to the world is the most often overlooked element in the Drone Industry... We'll teach you how to do this and show you how to build a strong brand and reputation! 

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The. Benefits.

Why should you join The Drone Mentor Academy?

  • Skyrocket your personal and professional growth with our unique focus on personal development, business skills, and innovative marketing.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with access to the latest industry trends, techniques, and expert insights.
  • Accelerate your learning curve with our step-by-step instructions and expert guidance, helping you master the skills needed for success in the drone industry faster and more efficiently.
  • Build a sustainable and profitable business with our comprehensive training on strategy, financial management, and marketing.
  • Create a powerful personal brand that attracts clients and sets you apart in the crowded drone industry.
  • Save time and money by learning how to optimize your business operations and maximize your return on investment.
  • Expand your professional network and connect with like-minded drone pilots and business owners in our exclusive member community.

By joining The Drone Mentor Academy, you'll gain access to a wealth of resources, guidance, and support to help you achieve your goals. Our comprehensive training, expert mentoring, and exclusive member community will provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Make the leap and invest in yourself today by becoming a member of The Drone Mentor Academy. Together, we'll take your drone business to new heights!

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Academy Features

What's included when you join The Drone Mentor Academy?


The Drone Mentor Academy provides a wide range of resources and support to help you build a successful drone business. As a member, you'll have access to:

Academy Member Benefits

Check out all the training you'll be able to access TODAY when you become a member of The Drone Mentor Academy!

The Drone Mentor Academy Community

A dedicated, online community where you can meet, engage and network with other TDMA Members. There's job-sharing, member-organised meetups and business taking place here... And it's EXCLUSIVE to TDMA Members ONLY! P.S. Did we mention that we even have our own communities app that works on iOS and Android?! ;)


The Drone Business Startup and Scale System

This course will teach you the things you NEED to know and consider if you want to stand out from the crowd and make money with your drone! This course walks you through THE PROVEN, 7-Step System to help you Start, Build and GROW a sustainable and profitable Drone Business...

VALUE $120

An Introduction to Land Surveying and Mapping with Drones

Learn how to use your Drone for Land Mapping and Surveying! IN this course, Matt teaches the basics of how to Plan, Capture and Deliver land mapping and surveying data for your clients by following our step-by-step guide... Using a variety of software including DroneDeploy and Pix4D...


The Ai Business Accelerator - ChatGPT Secrets!

In this course, we'll show you how to SUPERCHARGE your business with ChatGPT! Matt cuts through all the BS and teaches the proven ChatGPT strategy that he's created and uses EVERY DAY, that will help SKYROCKET your productivity and your business growth... This is a life-changing one that you don't want to miss!

VALUE $186

How to SELL your drone services!

In this training session, we take a deep dive into the techniques, tips and tricks that we're seeing working in the drone industry right now, to help you sell your services and make more money!

VALUE $497

DESTROY Imposter Syndrome!

In this training session, we take a deep dive into how to build your confidence, how to stop comparing yourself to other people and DESTROY imposter syndrome...

VALUE $497

How to market yourself

In this training session, we explore the different methods that successful people in the drone industry are doing right now, to get their message out to the RIGHT people and bring in more business...

VALUE $497

Gaining CLARITY for the year ahead!

In this training session, we take a timely look at some important personal development topics. We explore the concept of gaining CLARITY and setting GOALS, to help you carve your own path to SUCCESS!

VALUE $497

PRODUCTIVITY - How to get more s**t done!

In this training session, we explore the idea of 'effective productivity' and how to actually get things moving forwards for you and get you in momentum... Including some tools usually reserved only for Matt's high-end coaching clients!

VALUE $497

MARKETING creation Masterclass!

Following on from the feedback from previous marketing training, in this session, we look at some examples of how to quickly and efficiently create the content you need to market yourself and your business (including a LIVE Ai demonstration!).

VALUE $497

The SECRET to beating procrastination!

In this training session, Matt reveals the secret tools and frameworks that he teaches his coaching clients, to help them beat procrastination, gain momentum and start to move forwards towards their goals... One small step at a time! 

VALUE $497

How to handle 'Sales Objections'!

In this training session, Matt discusses how to tackle the 'difficult' questions that prospects and clients ask, which prevent you from closing the sale and putting money in your pocket!

VALUE $497

The CONFIDENCE Masterclass!

In this training session, Matt discusses the NUMBER ONE skill you need to learn and master, to become a successful Drone Pilot/business owner... And sets out his 7-step plan to help you start your CONFIDENCE Journey!

VALUE $497

You're in the LEAD GENERATION Business!

In this inspiring LIVE Training Session, Matt drops a BOMBSHELL on everyone... Changing everyone's perspective on the 'drone industry' you thought you were entering, and helping you on your way to becoming a lead-generating MACHINE!

VALUE $497

Getting your message OUT THERE - SEO 101!

This month's TDMA LIVE Session was an absolute BANGER! In this session, Matt reveals the SECRET WEAPON behind his rise to notoriety on the internet and shows you the steps you can take, too... To OWN the front page of Google when people search for you and what you offer!

VALUE $497


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