Welcome to Episode 22 of The Drone Mentor Podcast!


In this week’s episode, Matt dives into the questions you NEED to ask yourself if you're looking for a way to build a drone business alongside your current job...


Or how to transition from a career, into a new opportunity in the drone industry.


There's some tough talk in this episode that might not be easy to hear...


But if it helps guide you (or saves you from wasting time or money), then it's worth taking the time to listen! :)


Questions from the episode:

1. Can you AFFORD to move from a 9-5 to being self-employed?

2. WHY are you looking to make the move?

3. What makes YOU unique? What's YOUR superpower?

4. What solution are you going to provide?

5. Are you REALLY ready for the graft?


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We hope you enjoy this episode & please get in touch if this message resonated with you or if you'd like to hear anything in particular in future episodes!

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