EP019 | Monday Motivation 008 - How to BE MORE CONFIDENT

Welcome to Episode 18 of The Drone Mentor Podcast!


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In this week’s episode of the podcast, we’re going to focus on building and improving our confidence so we can put ourselves out there and make unbridled progress. Progress where WE aren’t the thing holding ourselves back, and we’re going to realise that oftentimes, WE’RE the very thing that’s stopping us from being successful…


Not other people, our financial situation or any of the other thousand excuses we might use not to make progress…


It’s down to us and our lack of self-confidence or self-belief that’s getting in our own way.


This week, we’re going to commit, together, to learning a little more about ourselves, leaning into our strengths and chipping away at our weaknesses. Exploring a couple of methods that can help us become more confident and start to make progress.


Progress towards our goals, our ambitions and our success…


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