EP017 | Monday Motivation 007 - CLARITY

Welcome to Episode 17 of The Drone Mentor Podcast!


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In this week’s podcast, we’re taking a look at something that’s hugely wide-reaching, is essential to get to grips with if you want to make progress and is ABSOLUTELY fundamental to all of the processes, techniques and strategies that we talk about here on the Monday Motivation podcast episodes. 


The thing we’re going to be discussing here today is CLARITY… I talk about it all the time but what is it and how is it different to FOCUS, which is something else I mention regularly?


What does it mean to us?


How do we get it and, most important of all - why should we care about it?


First up then, what is clarity? What does it mean to us in terms of our journey?


CLARITY is what you need to get, to be able to set your end goals… It’s about you taking a long, deep look inside yourself and working out what it really is that drives you and what you REALLY want to achieve…


So - without further ado... Let's explore this concept, together! :)


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