EP015 | Monday Motivation 006 - PRIORITISE!

Welcome to Episode 15 of The Drone Mentor Podcast!


In this week’s episode of the Monday Motivation podcast, we’re going to focus on setting our priorities.

What is it that means the most to you?

We’ve talked about setting goals in previous episodes, and now, we’re going to start to drill down and consider WHAT we actually need to do to achieve them.

What steps do we need to take to get our success boxes checked off before close of play this week, to get us moving toward our goals… And, more importantly, what things are going to hold us back from achieving success this week?

What things are a lower priority and can be ignored for now, so we can laser focus in on the things that are going to make a positive difference TODAY?


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We hope you enjoy this episode & please get in touch if this message resonated with you or if you'd like to hear anything in particular in future episodes!


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