EP013 | Monday Motivation 005 - How to get MORE STUFF DONE!

Welcome to this week's Monday Motivation Episode of The Drone Mentor Podcast!


In this week’s episode of the Monday Motivation podcast, we’re going to focus on how to be more productive; what simple tools and frameworks can we put into place that’ll allow us to use our time more efficiently, be more productive and ACCELERATE ourselves towards the things we want in life.


This week, we’re going to be working together towards creating a routine and getting into a rhythm that enables us to get more done. We’re going to commit to cutting out some of the distractions that we allow ourselves to get caught up in and start to build a strategy that allow us to make the BEST use of our most precious resource… 



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We hope you enjoy this episode & please get in touch if this message resonated with you or if you'd like to hear anything in particular in future episodes!


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