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Matt Williams 'The Drone Mentor', Flying the Freefly Systems Alta 8 on set with Jason Bradbury of 'The Gadget Show'

Founded by Matt Williams, the world's leading drone training expert and professional coach, Matt (aka 'The Drone Mentor') has been providing top-notch drone training, drone operations all over the world, and business/personal-development coaching since 2014.

Having flown model planes and helicopters for more than 25 years; Matt's experience spans across multiple seven-figure drone businesses and includes flying heavy and super-heavy lift drones all around the world.


(The Drone Mentor)

Matt Williams, 'The Drone Mentor'- On operations in with the RAF in Central Africa, flying the Puma HC1

Matt's passion for aviation has been present since he can remember, making him an "av geek" in every sense of the word!

He has a diverse background in aviation, ranging from running the world's largest commercial drone training school to flying heavy-lift drones all over the world for the film and TV industry, live sports broadcasts, and mapping/asset inspection too!

Matt also has a wealth of experience in the 'crewed aviation' world, having soloed in a motor-glider before he could legally drive a car, gaining his Private Pilot's Licence at 18, and going on to become the youngest 'QHI' (Qualified Helicopter Instructor) in the Royal Air Force at just 25, where he amassed more than 2,500 flying hours in multiple types of aircraft. Unfortunately, his military flying career was cut short due to a life-changing flying accident at the start of 2014.

Matt is now an internationally recognised leader in the drone industry. He has built several successful businesses in the uncrewed space, including founding the UK's largest & highest rated drone training company in 2014 (UAVHub).

Across the industry, Matt has trained more than 52,000 people (and counting), and he regularly consults with regulatory bodies worldwide to help deliver practical and pragmatic solutions to help enable safe drone operations.

As an accomplished public speaker with experience in various media, Matt has worked with organizations such as the BBC, SKY, and other independent television and radio companies to deliver expert informational and opinion-based pieces.

In addition, Matt is an Aviation Human Factors Facilitator, Crew Resource Management Instructor, and an experienced 'Bowtie XP' Risk Analysis and Mitigation Practitioner.

He's also an experienced Personal-Development Coach and Business Mentor and helps people and organisations all over the world, to be the best that they can be!

Matt Williams | The Drone Mentor | Flying the Freefly Systems Alta 8 in Bermuda for the 35th America's Cup, alongside an H125 flown by Michael Franck of @Eliterotorcraft of Chicago, and @aaronfitzgerald105 of the Red Bull Airforce.